The news that Mixer is shutting down has been met with concern and criticism from viewers and streamers alike, but one thing is for certain – the memes are hilarious.

Once thought of as the next big rival to the streaming platform Twitch, Mixer has announced that it will be shutting down the site next month.

Understandably, the news left many smaller streamers on the platform feeling lost and left out in the cold.

Mixer announced they would be partnering with Facebook Gaming, which would be showcasing the same streaming opportunities that they would have hosted otherwise.

Whilst many have been extremely critical of Mixer and the performance of the platform over the past year, the memes that have come from the shutdown have been hilarious – especially concerning Ninja.

Ninja and Shroud make a fortune…

Considering the insane amount of money that Ninja and Shroud made from their Mixer deal, it’s unsurprising that people are meming the cash the pair have made.

Although many are also meming the fact that the two top streamers in the world may be coming back to Twitch after all.

The death of Mixer…

Although to be fair, there are some great memes concerning the Mixer platform itself and its competition sites too.

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