On Monday, June 22nd, Apple announced one of their biggest updates to the macOS (operating system) to date.

macOS Big Sur is the latest version of their desktop operating system, one which they say has the biggest change in over a decade. It is named after the rugged stretch of California’s central coastline.

Although there are plenty of new design features to ogle, the new wallpaper design has caught the eye of many Apple users.

So, what is the macOS Big Sur wallpaper?

What is the macOS Big Sur image?

For every operating system update, Apple have introduced new wallpapers and image to represent the OS.

They tend to reflect the title of the OS update, for example macOS Catalina had an image of California’s Catalina Islands; macOS Mojave featured an image of the Mojave Desert. These are all key areas of California’s natural landscape.

The new Big Sur image for this macOS update is of the Big Sur coastline.

The new macOS Big Sur wallpaper

Ever since Apple released the details of the new macOS Big Sur update, users were quick to spot the introduction of a new wallpaper style. As the desktop OS starts to look increasingly like iOS, Apple have also introduced similar wallpapers to those on the iPhones.

These are dynamic wallpapers which are not static images; they move with you. They shift with the time of day, changing the lighting and look of the wallpaper with the progress of the sun across the sky.

For those without MacBooks or iMacs, many have taken to searching online for a full resolution download of the macOS Big Sur wallpaper. There are reportedly eight versions of the macOS Big Sur dynamic wallpaper available online, in light and dark mode.

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