Love, Victor is an American teen drama series on Hulu, inspired by the movie Love, Simon. The series premiered on June 19th and has already great reviews and numerous fans who cannot wait for season 2 following the season 1 finale.

Apart from the unique storytelling of a teenager’s journey to self-discovery, coming out, dealing with challenges at home and adapting to a new neighbourhood and high school, the show has fascinating details that have thrilled fans. 

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What is a spotlight party?

Those going to the party need to wear one of the three colours: red, yellow or green.

Red means that you are in a relationship or just not interested in talking to a potential date.

Yellow means complicated. Those wearing yellow aren’t in a relationship but neither single, but surely ready to mingle. 

Green is for those who are openly single and up for meeting new people and dating.  

What happened at Mia’s spotlight party in Love, Victor? *spoiler alert*

At Mia’s spotlight party, as a true host, she broke the rules by wearing black. 

Victor and Felix wore yellow but afterwards, Victor, influenced by Andrew, wore a green jacket over his yellow shirt. 

Lake wore red obviously crushing on Andrew, which made Felix slightly upset and turned to drinking for comfort. 

Mia changed her mind and threw a yellow cardigan over her black dress.

When she saw Victor wearing a green jacket hinting that he’s single, she was hurt. 

However, when Felix got sick because of drinking, Victor took his green jacket off and showed off to Mia his yellow shirt, sparking their relationship. 

When the world goes back to normal, there will be plenty Love, Victor themed parties. What colour will you wear? 

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