Every year, five-day festival Glastonbury is an escape from reality for thousands of people, with a vibe that has no match and, undoubtedly, the best music. 

Although the year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the festival, it will be celebrated in a different way than usual. 

This year we get to experience Glastonbury at home. It might not be ideal, but the BBC has put together a line-up of the greatest performances over the years to keep the unique Glastonbury atmosphere alive during the pandemic. 

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Here are the top seven performances you shouldn’t miss from #GlastoAtHome on the dedicated BBC iPlayer Channel, between June 25th-29th.


Thursday night grab a drink and get ready for, as it was described by the press, one of the best concerts of all time; a performance that will take you back to 1997 and give you chills. 

Billie Eilish 

One of the greatest singers of this generation with five Grammy awards at the age of 18; Friday afternoon watch her be the bad guy. 

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Later that night, Queen B and Glastonbury crowd sing their hearts out, while you can channel your inner dancer at home. 


Saturday afternoon is going to be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to Oasis. 

Florence + The Machine

The group headlined the festival in 2015 and we would love to see it all over again on Saturday. 

David Bowie

Get nostalgic on Sunday night listening to the legendary David Bowie and “let’s dance”.

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On Monday evening, watch the latest Glastonbury headliner (2019), the first black British solo artist to headline the festival, make history.

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