The Tik Tok stars Josh Richards, 18, and Nessa Barrett, 17, have called it quits.

On Thursday evening, the couple posted a video on YouTube titled “We Broke Up”, explaining to their fans the reason behind the breakup, to avoid “lies and rumours being spread”. 

The six-minute video explains that the breakup was a mutual decision and it has already reached 5.4 million views:

“We realised that we needed to mature and grow as people. We were in a very serious relationship, but almost not ready for as serious as it was,” the pair explained.

While standing next to each other, they joke about their relationship status before getting candid: “The contract of our fake relationship was up. Our social media contract expired”, they both laugh.”

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The couple started dating in October 2019, but they kept the first couple months of their relationship secret.

Josh and Nessa feel the need to state that there’s no bad blood between them and that they don’t plan on blocking each other on social media, but they will rather remain good friends:

“I really want to stress the fact that neither of us ever mistreated each other. There’s a point when you care so much about someone that you kind of have to let them go for the better; I think that’s what we both decided to do.” Nessa argued. 

Why did Josh and Nessa break up?

Nessa has recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue music, and given the youth of their age, the couple doesn’t seem confident to have a long-distance relationship, as they have done it before:

“It was very public, so I guess we didn’t really understand the severity of it.”

Nessa opened up about the hate she has received on social media since she started dating Josh and how that has had a negative impact on her mental health, arguing that now she needs to focus on herself and her career. 

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“I’m always going to want to have Nessa be a part of my life. The last 8 months that we’ve been together, have been the best 8 months of my life. We are just drifting apart so that we can focus on ourselves.”

The couple ends the video with a friendly hug while trying to hold back their tears.

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