Dr Pimple Popper, AKA Sandra Lee MD has recently caused controversy online after her reply to a Web MD post.

Sandra rose to fame online after posting videos of her popping pimples on Youtube and Instagram, and has even released her own line of skin care products.

Dr Pimple Popper is now a TV series on TLC which premiered in 2018.

What did Dr Pimple Popper say that caused controversy?

The tweet which caused backlash against Sandra was a a reply to a Wed MD article about sunburn.

The article said: “What’s the difference between sunburn and sun poisoning? A registered nurse explains.”

Sandra replied saying: “Why would a registered nurse explain this? Why not a dermatologist?”

Fans were quick to criticise the tweet, with one writing:

“Why wouldn’t a registered nurse educate the public about a topic that they’re trained on? Education is one of the main duties of a nurse and they excel in it! @DrPimplePopper this tweet is so disrespectful and puts a face to the mistreatment of nurses by doctors.”

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Posted by Jessica McNamee on Sunday, 21 June 2020

What did Dr Pimple Popper say in her apology?

Sandra issued an apology on Twitter where she wrote:

“To all the nurses out there who were insulted by my comment to Web MD’s post, I apologize.”

“My post was not meant to insult nurses but rather to point out that Web MD should have asked a dermatologist to answer this question. I would have objected similarly to Web MDs post if they had asked a cardiologist or a surgeon to answer the same question.”

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