Boyband PrettyMuch has come under fire on Twitter after old tweets and the use of racial slurs resurface online.

The hashtag #prettymuchisoverparty has been trending on Twitter, with fans circulating lists of the accusations the band members face.

One of the band members has also taken to Twitter to dispel rumours of sexual assault.

Why are fans ‘cancelling’ PrettyMuch?

Twitter users have been circulating compilation lists of the wrong-doings of members of the band PrettyMuch.

Fans have called members out for using racial slurs, such as when band member Brandon Arreaga used an anti-Asian slur in 2019 in a tweet.

However, Brandon explained in another video that he used the slur in a tweet while listing words that he “hated”.

Arreaga recently created a Twitter thread where he wrote:

“Cancel culture is literally so stupid.. a concept built on dragging people down instead of lifting people up. and people really be talking about someone as if they know them..”

Edwin Honoret denies other allegations

Edwin Honoret, another member of the band, released a live video to dispel rumours of sexual assault after they had been circulating online.

The rumours started on Twitter, with fans claiming Edwin, along with bandmate Nick Mara, was “predatory to underaged fans.”

Edwin took to Twitter to acknowledge the rumours, writing:

If anyone has any information for me please dm me, if you feel like you have been disrespected by me please dm me, I do not want to leave a stone unturned! This is very serious and im willing to converse and set any record straight! I love you

In the live video, he said: “I’m trying to find a little bit of an explanation to find out why are people calling me this?”

He continued: “I am just so confused, this is my life. I empathise and sympathise and would never in a million years, I would probably kill the man who would ever come close to my sister and be any kinds of disgusting to my little sister.”

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