British journalist and activist, Ash Sarkar, has received bizarre backlash on social media after she posted a picture on Twitter with the caption of three orange emojis. 

Prior to Sarkar’s post, a stabbing attack occurred in a Reading Park yesterday (Sunday, June 21st) around 7 pm, causing the death of three individuals. The attack was later declared a ‘terrorist incident’. 

The emojis, that Sarkar chose to caption her picture with, were then interpreted by some users on Twitter as an endorsement of yesterday’s terrorist attack. Three oranges for three lost lives. 

Here’s an explanation of the whole thing as Ash Sarkar has hit back at the outlandish claims surfacing online.

What do the three orange emojis mean?

Three orange emojis have no global meaning.

In this specific incident, the three orange emojis actually represent the colour of the lolly Sarkar was eating and the colour of her bike’s wheels and saddle.

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Although the picture was believed to have been taken at the location of the attack, but Sarkar proved that she was actually at Springfield Park in East London, hours before the attack.

Sarkar spoke to Mirror about this big misinterpretation of her post, as she is angry that people are spending their time hating on her on social media, instead of grieving and honouring the people who tragically lost their lives. 

Sarkar has received death threats which have made her fear leaving her residence:

“Beyond the racism and beyond the threats, I just feel that’s completely immoral.”

She explains that when she posted the picture she hadn’t seen the news of the attack, but even if she had, she wouldn’t have acted differently, since “there’s clearly no connection between me having an ice lolly in a park in Hackney and this terrible killing rampage occurring in Reading”.

Sarkar believes that the twisting of her intentions is a form of political opportunism, as many posted pictures from the park, but hers was considered controversial:

“They’re trying to take down somebody who’s from the left. They chose an openly Muslim woman who’s on the left. These people trying to take down someone who they see as an opponent.”

People were quick to brutally criticise Ash Sarkar’s background, political beliefs and personality, although the journalist did not hesitate to fire back and publicly call out those hating on her on Twitter. 

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