YouTuber Lily Pebbles has opened up about an unpleasant experience she had during the launch of her book ‘The F Word’.

Lily Pebbles has shared a raw and candid YouTube video where she answered a series of personal questions.

The YouTube star addressed what happened during the launch of ‘The F Word’ a few years ago.

Lily Pebbles on YouTube

Lily Pebbles talks book launch

Lily opened up about the time when she launched her book ‘The F Word’, explaining that she had to cancel her book events because of an “external incident” unrelated to the actual book launch.

She explained that the situation she went through had nothing to do with bad reviews from readers.

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Lily said:

“Something happened when my book came out that was kind of terrifying to me and it ruined the whole experience. I found myself and I have never found myself like this before. I didn’t leave the house. It was like a week and I’ve just been sitting on the sofa.”

Lily added a disclaimer sentence, writing: “To clarify, this wasn’t to do with the book process itself but an external incident that occurred once the book was released.”

She went on to say that she didn’t want to reveal what exactly happened but that she went through therapy which helped her understand the nature of the situation.

What is the book about?

The book is called ‘The F Word: A personal exploration of modern female friendship’.

There, Lily shares insight on how to create strong friendships with women and girls of all ages.

In ‘The F Word’, Lily aims to celebrate women and their friendships and give tips on how to maintain those special bonds.

How can you buy the book?

The easiest way to get Lily’s book is from Amazon.

The book’s hardcover format is available for £16.99, while the paperback is £7.37.

You can also get a Kindle version which costs £3.99.

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