Many are declaring that Sidemen is cancelled over on Twitter but what did they actually do? Let’s take a moment to assess the situation.

In the last few months, cancel culture has arguably been more apparent than any other time in recent memory.

With many more taking the time to support the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been an emphasis in the news on actors and comedians apologising for the use of blackface in their work, in particular. The likes of The Mighty Boosh and Little Britain have been pulled from certain streaming services in response to the backlash and popular figures like Jimmy Fallon have apologised for their past actions.

Of course, calls to cancel a range of celebrities vary, with some being undeniably imperative and others being considered unnecessary by the majority.

A recent failed example springs to mind: Joji. Some fans finally discovered his past as satirical edgelord Filthy Frank/Pink Guy and attempted to get him cancelled for past lyricism. It didn’t really work out.

Now, the culture has taken aim at Sidemen.

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YouTube: Sidemen “cancelled” on Twitter

A number of people on Twitter are calling for the Sidemen to be cancelled and opinions are mixed, to say the least.

The British YouTube collective currently has a whopping 8.45 million subscribers flocking to their channel. They have become well-known for their vlogs, challenge videos, game formats, commentaries and merchandise.

Since they founded back in 2013, audiences have grown to cherish time with KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123 and W2S, but perhaps you can’t achieve such status without running into a few scrapes.

Let’s look into it…

Why do people want to cancel Sidemen?

Interestingly, there’s more than one reason that fans are suggesting.

On the other hand, there’s clearly one major reason which stems from one of their latest videos on the MoreSidemen channel.

They have joked about stans trying to get them cancelled and some have interpreted it as them not taking cancel culture seriously, which obviously isn’t a good look. Inevitably, this has only encouraged those who were trying to cancel them beforehand to continue.

Another reason many fans are putting forth on Twitter is that Vik cheated in a game of Bingo the group had. This has become quite prevalent as a motivation to get them cancelled but the majority of fans think it’s preposterous to attack them for something so harmless.

Another fan also speculated: “No I think it’s because Harry didn’t use his platform to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter.”

So, we have: fans angry that Sidemen are joking about themselves getting cancelled, Vik cheating at Bingo and the response (or lack thereof) to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Checking out responses

The reactions to discussions of cancelling the YouTube icons are mixed, with one recently tweeting: “Can’t believe the @Sidemen is getting cancelled by Twitter stans, I’m actually crying loudly… I swear to God those stans hate fun or something.”

Another argued when asked why they were getting cancelled: “I think because people are sensitive and don’t understand that they are mates, and that Vik cheated in the Bingo vid… even though it was bare funny. Some people also try to dig up old sdmn clips and use it as if they are still like that nowadays…”

Defending the group, one weighed in: “Some people need to stop being so sensitive about the Sidemen videos, I’ve even been seeing people complaining about the recent MoreSidemen video because they were joking about being cancelled. if you are really that bothered about it all just stop watching.”

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