The “first you eat me then you get eaten” riddle is making the rounds but what is the answer? We have it right here for you.

Over the course of lockdown, many have become experts when it comes to a good riddle.

In recent months, there has been more time for cooking, reading, watching films, TV, exercise… you name it. With many places having been closed, we’ve all turned to doing more in the home to keep preoccupied.

During this time it’s been more important than ever to give our brains a good workout. As a solution, lots of people decided to take to social media and share their favourite riddles and brainteasers.

Ranging from classics to fresh and newly devised gems, we’ve seen some challenges come our way.

The latest to leave readers scratching their head is this…

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First you eat me then you get eaten

Right, so let’s address the riddle in full and move forward:

“First you eat me, then you get eaten. What am I?”

Give it some more thought before scrolling down to the answer. You’ve got this!

To give you a helping hand, here’s a clue to help crack it… think very carefully about what “you” entails. Does it mean “you”, a human being, or should you consider “you” to be something other than a human?

Still haven’t got it?

Well, not to worry. We have the answer for you right down below.

Here’s the riddle answer

  • The answer to the “first you eat me, then you get eaten” riddle is a fishhook.

Or, rather, the bait on a fishhook!

Like many great riddles, once the answer is revealed you’ll kick yourself for not guessing it. It’s so obvious.

Be sure to share it around now that you know the answer to see if your family or friends can get it.

In the meantime, here’s another one to get you thinking:

“What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?”

Good luck!

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