Taco Bell is the latest thing to be ‘cancelled’ online, with people on Twitter boycotting the fast food chain – but why?

June marks the month where lots of people and organisations are being ‘cancelled’ over their treatment of the Black Lives Matter movement, with many being called out for racist attributes.

The next company on the firing line seems to be Taco Bell, with people on Twitter ‘cancelling’ them using the hashtag #RIPTacoBell.

But why is Taco Bell ‘cancelled’?

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Why is Taco Bell ‘cancelled’?

Taco Bell has been ‘cancelled’ by people on the internet after telling an employee to take off a face mask that had the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on it. They then proceeded to fire him after he refused to do so.

Denzel Skinner, a Taco Bell employee from Ohio posted a video onto social media in which he is arguing with another Taco Bell employee about being told to take off the mask.

He says: “You just told me I’ve got to go home because I’ve got a Black Lives Matter face mask on.”

You can then hear the other person asking him to take it off and he says: “I’m not. I’m not. Because I’m standing up for what’s right. I’m not taking it off.”

Then, the other person says that he “can’t bring politics into the building”, a claim that Denzel argues against.

Taco Bell have made a public apology

Taco Bell took to their official Twitter page to make a formal apology after the video went viral yesterday.

They said: We are deeply upset by the incident that took place in Youngstown, OH. Denzel Skinner should never have been put in this position.”

They then continue to say they believe that Black Lives Matter is a “human rights issue and not a political one”, saying that they do not tolerate “racism or violence towards the Black community.”

They finish the post simply by saying: “We hold ourselves accountable.”

#RIPTacoBell trended on Twitter

Despite the apology, #RIPTacoBell trended globally throughout the day, with people all over the world boycotting the fast food chain.

One Twitter user said: “Like I needed another excuse to never eat at Taco Bell EVER again…but this will do it! #RIPTacoBell.”

After the backlash, lots of people are urging others to support small Mexican food businesses rather than large corporations.

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