The Last Of Us Part 2 has finally launched and the game has been praised by some for its ‘groundbreaking’ representation of diversity. One of the most controversial characters prior to the game’s launch was a newcomer named Abby who people keep asking if she’s transgender. This is because of massive leaks prior to the sequel’s launch which resulted in large portions of people badmouthing the game online because of supposed agendas by Naughty Dog.

While The Last Of Us Part 2 is the third-highest rated PS4 game on Metacritic just above Persona 5 Royal, you should know that the game isn’t unanimously loved. Forbes have published a very good warning about the review scores, and some notable outlets have criticised the game for being hopelessly bleak as well as for failing to be profound.

However, while the game’s quality is subjective and therefore open to interpretation, some people had initially badmouthed it online due to leaks which proclaimed that a newcomer named Abby is transgender. Below you’ll discover who the character is as well as an explanation of the controversy.

**Massive spoilers for The Last Of Us Part 2 beyond this point**

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last Of Us 2 spoilers: Is Abby trans?

No, Abby is not transgender in The Last Of Us Part 2.

Abby isn’t transgender in The Last Of Us Part 2 despite what the leaks said prior to its launch.

People had speculated from leaks that the newcomer was a woman assigned male at birth because of the character’s noticeably buff physique.

However, Abby just happens to be a woman with a muscular body and she’s part of a militarized group which occupies aspects of the game’s hellish landscape.

It wouldn’t have been bad if Abby was transgender, but the presumptions online were and are now even more comical as muscular women can and do exist in reality.

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The Last Of Us Part 2 Abby the golfer meme explained

A meme named Abby the golfer had been circulating around social media ahead of The Last Of Us Part 2’s release.

Although we won’t fully elaborate on the context behind this meme, it was designed to make fun of Abby killing a character with a golf club.

Some of the memes showed an overly muscular female whacking the deceased character’s head with a golf club in place of the ball.

While these memes were admittedly funny, they did reportedly result in some Twitter accounts being banned for posting and sharing.

That’s all you really need to know about the meme without giving away who she killed which is arguably the main cause for why the backlash from fans was so extreme.  

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