The Premier League has seen footballers rightfully show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by taking the knee on the pitch as well as wearing the message on the back of their shirts in place of their name. However, in a surprising but pleasant move, EA have also added Black Lives Matter to the back of shirts in FIFA 20. Here you’ll discover when the message will be removed in-game and in reality.

During the recent EA Play June 2020 event FIFA 21 was announced for current-gen platforms as well as the upcoming next-gen systems from Sony and Microsoft. The game has also been announced for Nintendo Switch as another Legacy Edition, but Nintendo gamers should probably give it a hard miss.

However, in the here and now, FIFA 20 is the game football fanatics are still playing and every footballer in the game now appropriately has Black Lives Matter on the back of their shirt.

When will Black Lives Matter be removed from back of shirts in FIFA 20?

It’s likely that the Black Lives Matter message will be removed from the back of shirts in FIFA 20 after June 22nd.

Black Lives Matter will probably be removed from the back of shirts in FIFA 20 after the Manchester City vs. Burnley match next Monday.

This is because names will return to the Premier League in reality after the first 12 matches with the last being the aforementioned fixture.

You can find the first 12 Premier League matches below with their dates:

  • Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United – June 17th
  • Manchester City vs. Arsenal – June 17th
  • Norwich vs. Southampton – June 19th
  • Tottenham vs. Manchester United – June 19th
  • Watford vs. Leicester – June 20th
  • Brighton vs. Arsenal – June 20th
  • West Ham vs. Wolves – June 20th
  • Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace – June 20th
  • Newcastle vs. Sheffield United – June 21st
  • Aston Villa vs. Chelsea – June 21st
  • Everton vs. Liverpool – June 21st
  • Manchester City vs. Burnley – June 22nd

It’s not official that the Black Lives Matter message will be removed from FIFA 20 on June 23rd as EA haven’t even said anything about the addition. However, it’s a likely bet seeing as the game mimics reality.

Either way, although there’s some upset that the message has been added due to instances of real-life anarchy and celebrity attention-seeking besmirching the movement, it’s good that the slogan has been added to the back of shirts.

This is to give it more exposure as well as flaunt the movement in an appropriate manner where the rightful message can’t be sullied by a few bad apples or other political agendas from outside parties.

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