The PM recently met with the French President but can Boris Johnson speak French? What languages can he speak? Let’s take a look.

Over recent months, eyes and ears have been more attentive than ever to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Back in March, he temporarily changed the landscape of Britain when he announced lockdown measures. Of course, they have since been revised and people have patiently awaited his imperative announcements from the start.

During this period, his own health was thrown into question when it was announced he’d been moved to intensive care, suffering from COVID-19.

Nevertheless, he recovered and returned to work.

His activity during this time has been controversial though, to say the least. Many agree that the guidelines haven’t been as clear as they perhaps should be and the defence of Dominic Cummings’ lockdown breach led many to scathe him.

Despite issues, people continue to eagerly await his announcements, but more recently, some are wondering about his bilingual skills.

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Can Boris Johnson speak French?

  • Yes, Boris Johnson can speak French.

As highlighted by the Express, he became fluent in the language after his father, Stanley Johnson, moved the family to Brussels in 1973 after landing work at the European Commission.

So, the relocation made it somewhat of a necessity; he would’ve been roughly 9-years-old at the time.

However, his language skills don’t end there…

What languages does Boris Johnson speak?

  • Boris Johnson is said to speak French, Latin and Italian… and English, obviously.

This is noted by the previous source, which also states he speaks some German and Spanish too.

As a child, he was known to live abroad, with the likes of the US and Belgium being cited. In fact, he was born in New York City and previously had US citizenship, but later renounced it in 2016 in efforts to express his loyalty to the UK.

Looking further back and reflecting on his ancestry, it’s worth noting that his ancestors include Turkish, Russian Jewish and French people.

His knowledge of languages even led to him teaching while on a gap year in Australia, where he taught both English and Latin.

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Boris Johnson meets with French President

The Telegraph recently announced that Boris has met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

His visit to 10 Downing Street marked the 80th anniversary of Charles de Gaulle’s “L’Appel” broadcast in efforts to rally the French Resistance.

During the talks, the PM expressed his determination to speed up post-Brexit trade talks and negotiate an EU trade deal. Speaking frankly, he made it clear he was not willing to prolong uncertainty in regards to trade relationships.

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