Tower of God fans have been left aghast by the shocking betrayal of Bam by his childhood friend Rachel, but why did she do it?

When it comes to surprise character betrayals, a few notable anime come to mind; Itachi in Naruto, Griffith from Berserk and Annie in AoT just to name a few.

However, fans now have another shocking betrayal to add to the list, with Tower of God’s female lead Rachel pushing her childhood friend Bam to his ‘death’.

Tower of God has been a superb series so far and the latest episode concluded with a twist not many of us saw coming, but why did Rachel betray Bam?

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Part two of Underwater Hunt was awesome, but for the majority of the episode, I wasn’t thinking about Bam and Rachel. When we do cut back to the pair, we see that they haven’t had much to do besides chit-chat – mainly Bam talking about his time since the cave.

The two have been floating in a ball of Shinsu the entire time just waiting to be consumed by a giant fish. However, Ren sends the Bull after Rachel and Bam just as he dies.

Bam puts up an excellent fight, as we would expect by this point, and the Shinsu ball is finally eaten by the fish. At this point, I was half-assuming that the episode to either end there or to cut back to the other characters.

“Didn’t I tell you? I promised I’d take you to the tower. We’ll look at the stars together at the top of the tower.” – Bam.

However, just as Bam offers his hand to Rachel, she steps out of her wheelchair and pushes him out of the Shinsu ball. We then get a heart-breaking “Rachel?” from Bam as he sinks to the depths…Roll credits.

A betrayal about more than jealously…

When I first watched that scene, my initial thoughts went straight to jealousy. Rachel has lived in Bam’s shadow for a while and she wants the God’s attention on herself. However, we have to think back to Rachels interactions with Headon for a clearer answer as to why she betrays her childhood friend.

Headon told Rachel that the Tower did not choose her and calls her a “bad person” in the process. She then has a full-blown meltdown and complains he never gave her the chance, but it turns out Rachel already had her opportunity – the fight against the White Steel Eel. Remember, the one that she complained was impossible, and the one that Bam didn’t hesitate with? Yeah, makes sense that she failed that test.

After Headon rejects her again, she complains about Bam being the one who gets all of the attention and special treatment. Why is he the chosen one? Why can’t she be the hero? If he wasn’t around, would she be given another chance?

Headon and Rachel then make a deal and up until Underwater Hunt Part 2, we didn’t know the exact parameters of that deal…now it’s obvious.

What’s next after the betrayal?

Now we are left with a bigger question, what has the betrayal accomplished? The most obvious one is that King Jahad now thinks Bam has out of the picture, as far as he is aware that’s the end of the Bam issue.

However, it also forced Bam to join F.U.G., which will become a crucial story arc for the next season.

Thinking about this, it becomes obvious that these events have been orchestrated by Headon, all the way up until and including Rachel’s betrayal. He is the one who made the deal with Rachel and has been secretly pulling the strings this whole time, but what’s next?

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