There’s a new TikTok challenge to try, and this one’s hilarious – and super cute!

Lockdown might be coming to an end, but the TikTok challenges certainly aren’t. TikTok is here to stay, and we’re definitely not complaining.

The app is definitely evolving, and we’re seeing it being used for so many new things be it recipe videos or fitness accounts. But the classic lighthearted challenge videos aren’t going anywhere either.

For this new challenge you’re going to have to get a baby involved, and it’ll have you laughing for hours.

What is the Baby Fart Challenge?

What is the Baby Fart Challenge?

A new trend has gone viral on TikTok that sees people trying to make their baby fart and uploading their results to the app.

The challenge, simply called the Baby Fart Challenge involves moving the baby’s legs in a specific way that is designed to make them break wind.

On TikTok, the hashtag #BabyFartChallenge has over 22 million views.

People are now doing the challenge on adults

Like every TikTok challenge, the Baby Fart Challenge has now evolved.

It’s no longer limited to just babies, and many people are trying it out on an adult instead.

It looks kind of stupid doing it on an adult, but it seems like it works on everyone!

And some are even trying it out on their dogs!

The best part of any TikTok challenge is when people inevitably get their dogs involved.

Some TikTok users are even now trying the Baby Fart Challenge on their furry friends. So cute!

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