James Charles has just revealed that he’s moving out of his LA house, and fans are speculating that he’s finally joining the Hype House – but is it true?

James Charles is winning at life. With over 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 18 million on Instagram, the beauty blogger bought his own $7 million LA house at just 21 years old.

Recently, he’s been spending a lot of time with the TikTok Hype House crew, so after he posted a series of stories showing that he’s moving, fans have been quick to speculate.

Is James moving into the Hype House?

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for YouTube

James Charles reveals he is moving

James Charles took to his Snapchat and Instagram story to post a photo captioned “ahh it’s happening”. In the photo you could see him packing up all his boxes.

Then, he posted a second one captioned “new beginnings”, taken in a huge mirror.

So it seems like James is moving out of his multi-million dollar home already.

Fans think he’s moving into the TikTok Hype House

Fans of James on Twitter are certain that he’s moving into the TikTok Hype House.

The Hype House is an LA mansion where a group of popular TikTokers live and film content together. Popular members include TikTok stars Addison Rae, Chase Hudson and formerly Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

One person on Twitter said: “James Charles has been hanging out with the hype house so much and he just posted moving boxes on his Snapchat story… if he is moving into the hype house I’m going to loose my s*it (and not in a good way).”

On June 17th, James Charles tweeted asking for questions from his fans for a new YouTube video, and the most common question was people asking him if he’s joining the Hype House, but he’s yet to respond.

James has been hanging out with the Hype House members a lot

It’s clear that James knows the Hype House gang pretty well. He’s appeared in their videos and posted photos of himself online with them, seemingly being especially close with Addison Rae.

In an interview back in January he told everyone that he wasn’t part of the Hype House, saying: “We’ve just been hanging out, chilling all the time. I have my own beautiful home, so, no, I don’t live there.”

James Charles’ mansion is really close to that of the Hype House, so that explains why they hang out all the time.

But with James’ moving pictures, fans are speculating once again.

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