If you’re feeling a bit bored of normal life and need something exciting and adventurous to embark on, then Randonauting might be the answer.

Being humans, our normal lives can be repetitive and mundane. We follow a certain set of actions that repeat throughout our lives, never straying from the path we are on.

As a result, there are many areas of the world that remain unexplored by humans who prefer to stain places that are well known and discovered.

But if you’re a thrill seeker who likes venturing off of the beaten track, then Randonauting might just be for you, allowing humans to explore unknown places.

You may have seen the Randonauting trend becoming popular on TikTok, and here’s exactly what is is.

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What does Randonauting mean?

Randonauting is a new way of exploring the world around us through using random number generators.

The random numbers are converted into coordinates on the earth, allowing people to then visit that place in real life. So essentially, you are experiencing the world through randomness.

The community of people who go Randonauting are called Randonauts.


i went randonauting for the first time and this is what happened

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Randonauts explore Blind Spots and Mind Matter Interactions

There are two key areas that Randonauts wish to explore.

First, they are interested in Blind Spots. These are places that you would never usually come across in your daily life through any type of experience. The random number generator allows people to generate random coordinates and discover places that as humans we would never usually access in our structured lives.

Raundonauts are also interested in Mind Matter Interactions. This is quite a complex theory, but essentially it means that your mind can have an influence over the place that is generated by the random bot.

How to go Randonauting

All you need is a phone and internet service. Then, to start Randonauting, you’re going to need to generate random numbers using a Fatum Bot.

Then, you have to send in your location and choose a point to generate. The bot will then respond with a location.

  • There is also an app called Randonautica

It’s available for both iPhone and Android that you can use instead of the website.

Go to the website or app, generate a random location and see where it takes you!


hi im posting manifesting videos but a lot of people from my other video were asking me to post what happened lol #randonauting

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Make sure you focus your intentions

To go Randonauting, you must set an intention.

This could be anything, like a certain feeling or thing that you intend to find at the random place.

Then, you see if the outcome comes true.

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