Fortnite Season 3 is finally here after a number of delays. While the map from Season 2 got a bit tiresome thanks to overstaying its welcome, the new map is a welcome change of pace thanks to its flooded aspects which make it resemble the movie Waterworld. There are also loot sharks that can now be found in Fortnite, and here you’ll discover how to ride a shark in Season 3 so you can move around the map in style.

Aside from great white beasties that devour items as well as parts of a map which resemble a very pricey Kevin Costner movie, the newest entry in Chapter 2 of Epic Games’ Battle Royale juggernaut also boasts DC’s protector of the seas, Aquaman. And yes, he looks like Jason Mamoa as opposed to the blonde blast from the past everyone mocked.

If you’re enjoying the newest instalment but are unsure about how to tame the iconic antagonist from Jaws, below you’ll discover how to ride a loot shark in Fortnite Season 3.

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Where to find sharks in Fortnite?

Sharks can found in deep water in Fortnite Season 3.

Pleasant Park, Sweaty Sands, Rickety Rig, and the Fortilla are just some locations where you’ll find sharks in Fortnite.

They are also said to spawn in areas that are more populated and you’ll be able to spot one by  seeing its fin sticking out above the water.

When you do find one, you may want to try to defeat it in hope of getting some good loot. However, be warned that they do not go down easily and that they can very much leap out of the ocean to attack you on land.

How to ride a shark in Fortnite Season 3

You ride a shark in Fortnite Season 3 by using a fishing rod.

Fishing rods can be found in barrels at the end of piers as well as in chests, and they are mandatory for riding sharks in Fortnite.

Provided you have a fishing rod and have set your eyes on a great white beasty, all you need to do is cast your line into the water near its fin.

The shark will quickly zone in on the bait and get it trapped within its mighty teeth. You’ll then be dragged away from land onto the water and you’ll ride the shark.

This means that you do get to control the loot shark by moving it about with standard controls.