As odd as it sounds, KFC have become a massive talking point in the gaming industry thanks to dating simulators and console parodies. And, with us talking about the greasy chicken food chain once again, they have only gone and created a KFC restaurant inside Animal Crossing New Horizons that you can visit.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most popular and successful games of 2020. And it’s not just ‘gamers’ who are enjoying it as tons of celebrities have shouted about having an island in efforts to makes us normies gush over them even more.

While you may not care about Brie Larson or Elijah Wood playing the game 24/7, you may care about KFC having their own virtual restaurant as you can visit it and possibly find the iconic Colonel Sanders.

Where is Colonel Sanders in ACNH?

You might be able to find Colonel Sanders in Animal Crossing New Horizons when visiting KFC island.

As for where Colonel Sanders is exactly, unfortunately he’ll only appear at certain times on KFC island meaning he’ll be far easier to miss than find.

However, if you do manage to locate the iconic face of chicken eating and absurd dating simulators, you’ll want to take a screenshot with him.

This is so you can share the screenshot with the KFC Philippines Facebook or Twitter page so you can be in with the chance of winning real-life chicken.

How to visit KFC island in Animal Crossing New Horizons  

You must wait for an invite link to appear on the KFC Philippines Facebook page to visit KFC island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Unfortunately, this means only Animal Crossing New Horizons players in the Philippines can visit KFC island.

This is because attempting to access the company’s Philippines Facebook account will simply redirect you to the USA or UK account.

However, even if you live in the appropriate area, your chances of getting access are unlikely as slots are very limited.

Not only that, but the KFC virtual restaurant will only be open until June 22nd.

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