Sony conducted a PS5 reveal event last week that announced a lot of great looking games such as Resident Evil 8, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, and Spider-Man Miles Morales. They also showed off Horizon Forbidden West towards the event’s climax, and this got PC and Steam fans wondering whether Guerilla’s sequel will be on the master race, too.

Although there’s a lot of talk about specifications and hardware, one of the biggest selling points for next-gen consoles will be exclusives. And Sony have reiterated that exclusives will be “more important than they’ve ever been” which is some statement when the PS4 already boasts numerous beloved exclusives such as Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and Persona 5 Royal.

Horizon Zero Dawn was also one of Sony’s best exclusives but that was before being announced for PC. And its due arrival on the master race has naturally resulted in people wondering whether Forbidden West will land on Steam as well.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn 2 be on PC?

No, Horizon Forbidden West will not be on PC as of writing.

Horizon Forbidden West (a.k.a. Horizon Zero Dawn 2) will be a PS5 exclusive when it releases in the near future so it will not be on PC or Steam.

It’s understandable why people are asking as the Complete Edition of Guerilla’s original epic is arriving on the master race in summer 2020.

However, although the original game’s impending release on PC shows a willingness for Sony to publish their games on Steam, it does feel more like a marketing ploy as opposed to sheer generosity.

It feels like an effort to try to get some of the PC community hooked on Horizon Zero Dawn to tempt them into buying a PS5 to play the sequel.

This is why Horizon Zero Dawn’s release on PC is nowhere near as bad as PS4 gamers have cried. The game is a few years old, it’s no longer a console seller, the PS4 is at the end of its lifespan, and the sequel will be a PS5 exclusive.

It’s possible that the sequel could be released on the master race a few years after its launch on PS5, but it probably won’t happen unless it makes sense for Sony.