Phantom Gourmet’s CEO Dave Andelman has resigned after offensive Facebook posts.

The food programme Phantom Gourmet aired its first episode back in 1993 and since then it has featured many local restaurants in the New England area.

The series sees interviews with restaurant owners, as well as segments with recipes and reviews.

Phantom Gourmet’s CEO Dave Andelman will no longer appear on the food programme following controversial comments he made about the Black Lives Matter protests on Facebook.

From Phantom Gourmet’s YouTube channel

Who is Dave Andelman?

Dave has been the CEO of Phantom Gourmet for over 25 years. He founded the company in 1993.

He has co-presented the food series with his brother Dan Andelman for many years.

In addition, Dave is a co-owner of the drive-in theater Mendon Twin Drive-In with Dan and their other brother Michael.

Dave has confirmed that he’ll resign from there too.

What did Dave Andelman say?

Dave made offensive comments about the Black Lives Matter’s protests in Boston.

According to Boston radio station WBUR, Dave poked fun at the police, saying defunding “potatoes, not police”.

Moreover, he said that local retailers and restaurants should “offer touchless, curbside looting,” following the protests in Boston after George Floyd’s death.

Following the controversial remarks, Dave’s brother Dan Andelman has taken over as the new CEO of Phantom Gourmet.

Dave Andelman issues a statement

Dave has issued an apology on Phantom Gourmet’s Facebook page, saying that his comments “were inappropriate, hurtful, and wrong”.

He wrote:

“I made comments on that page that were inappropriate, hurtful, and wrong regarding the Boston protests. I support everyone’s right to free speech and free assembly. I, too, desire racial and social justice.”

Phantom Gourmet also issued a statement, saying that Dave won’t be “involved in any day to day operations and he will relinquish ownership in the company”.

In the same statement, Dan said: “Dave’s recent social media statements made it clear that he cannot stay in a leadership role or any role with this company.

“We are passionate about food and restaurants, but we also vow to dedicate ourselves to advancing the causes of diversity, social justice, and equality.”

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