Much like their FIFA ‘soccer’ juggernaut, NFL’s Madden is an annual release by EA with this year’s instalment arriving on August 25th. Electronic Arts have released a new trailer for Madden 21 and lots of fans have fallen in love with the song that is confirmed to be a collaboration between Jack Harlow and Chuck Inglish.

Although there’s not much love for EA and their supposed releases of samey instalments, one of the most talked about aspects for this year’s football entry is new player controls. However, away from gameplay, one of the more beloved and most talked about aspects is the quite frankly gorgeous cover starring Lamar Jackson.

While the game’s cover is no doubt sublime, the recently released trailer for Madden 21 has gotten people watching it on repeat thanks to its song by Jack Harlow and Chuck Inglish.

What is the Madden 21 trailer song?

The Madden 21 trailer song is a collaboration between Jack Harlow and Chuck Inglish.

People had suspected that the Madden 21 trailer song was by Jack Harlow, but the musician soon confirmed his involvement on Twitter.

As well as confirming his involvement, he also spoke about how the song was done alongside Chuck Inglish.

In this confirmation Harlow reminisces about first hearing 88 by The Cool Kids when playing NBA Live 08 back in the fourth grade.

The song doesn’t appear to have been released as of yet, but it’ll probably launch alongside Madden 21 where you’ll be able to listen to it fully in-game.

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