Season 1 of Love, Victor may have only just premiered on Hulu, but fans of the series are already begging for the series to be renewed.

For many people, the romantic comedy ‘Love, Simon’ was one of the stand-out movies of 2018 and plenty of us were sad that it never got a sequel film.

Thankfully, it’s successor web series ‘Love, Victor’ has just released and it is as heart-breaking and heart-warming as we wanted – making us cry, laugh, hope and despair almost every episode.

The 10-part first season may have only just premiered on Hulu, but fans are already asking if and when the series will return for a second instalment.

Love, Victor season 2: Renewal status

At the time of writing, Love, Victor has not been officially renewed for a second season by Hulu.

However, the streaming service has already commissioned a writers’ room to start exploring possible storylines for season 2. This can give fans a bit of relief knowing that the streaming service looks to be firmly behind the show going forward.

Although as the series has not been officially renewed, viewing audience and ratings can still play a massive part in influencing Hulu’s decision. No doubt if the show is watched by enough people and receives positive feedback on social media, a second part of the Love, Victor storyline will be ordered.

Love, Victor season 2: Release date

With no confirmation from Hulu that the show will indeed return for a second instalment, there is no information about a possible release date.

However, the series did have quite a fast turnaround from announcement to premiere date at around 13 months. So, if the show was renewed in the near future, fans could expect season 2 to release in mid-2021.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic delaying production on many shows, this could be pushed back until late-2021. Although it is worth considering that if season 2 has not been written yet, then restrictions on production could be lifted by the time filming came around.

Love, Victor season 2: Storyline

If the series is renewed, we could most likely expect the storyline for season 2 to continue directly where season 1 left off. Although we could also see the timeframe for the show jump ahead to Victors time at college/university.

Alternatively, a second season could go completely off-script and focus on another character. We imagine that this could be something similar to Victor moving into a more passive, narration style role as Simon did from the movie – constantly switching focus but with the previous main character still as an essential part of the plot.

Hopefully, the series will get renewed shortly and we can really delve into the potential plot for season 2.  

Season 1 of Love, Victor is available right now on Hulu.

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