In response to the recent protests, Premier League clubs will be donning new-look kits but can you buy Arsenal’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt?

The 2020 sporting calendar has been decimated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has seen countless events either postponed of fully cancelled.

Thankfully for football fans, after a shutdown of almost 100 days, the Premier League is finally making its long-awaited comeback.

However, football will look a little different when the Premier League kicks off on June 17th.

Not only will stadiums be empty but players’ shirts are set to feature a badge in support of the NHS and in response to the recent protests, players’ names will be replaced by the message ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Ahead of their first fixtures after the shutdown, Sheffield United were the first team to show off the new-look kit on social media and have been quickly followed by Arsenal and it’s safe to say that the shirts have been popular.

But is there a way Arsenal fans can buy a Black Lives Matter shirt of their own?

Arsenal reveal new-look shirt

On the morning of June 17th, Arsenal’s Twitter account lit up with activity after the club revealed the first glimpse of the Black Lives Matter shirt to be used against Manchester City.

The shirt is simply Arsenal’s third kit but a series of patches have been added in light of recent events.

On the chest, a blue heart featuring the NHS logo is present after doctors and nurses have risked their lives fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, on the sleeve, replacing the Premier League logo is a new patch with the message ‘Black Lives Matter.’

On top of that, the players’ names on the back of the shirt will also be replaced by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ message.

Fans react to one-off shirt

It’s safe to say that the new-look Arsenal shirt has proven to be popular with a number of fans expressing their feelings about the new-look kit on social media.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “How about you offer these for sale with a percentage going to the highlighted causes? I would like one!”

While another added: “Class club through and through.”

And finally, this fan expresses their desire to own the shirt in gif-form:

Can you buy the Black Lives Matter shirt?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the exact Black Lives Matter shirt is not available to buy.

You can, of course, purchase Arsenal’s standard navy blue third kit although with there being an end-of-season sale currently on, the available sizes are limited.

On top of that, if you were hoping to buy a standard shirt with ‘Black Lives Matter’ printed on the back, Arsenal’s official store website only allows up to 12 characters to be printed and at 18 characters (16 letters) the ‘Black Lives Matter’ message is too long to fit.