Most of America’s biggest TikTok stars all live in a series of LA mansions, and there’s a new one to add to the mix – what is the Shluv House?

TikTok houses are all the craze right now. You’ve got the Hype House, with some of the biggest names being Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, Thomas Petrou and not forgetting former members Charli and Dixie D’Amelio of course.

Then you’ve got the Sway House with Bryce Hall, Kim Cyr, Anthony Reeves, Griffin Johnson and formerly Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler. And of course there’s the Clubhouse with Daisy Keech, Abby Rao, Chase Keith and loads more.

These houses are a place of mayhem where these young TikTok stars live and film content together. But now it seems there’s a new house to add to the TikTok rivalry.

What is the Shluv house?

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What is the Shluv House?

The Shluv house is an LA mansion where TikTok’s Shluv Gang live.

Shluv Gang was started by JustMaiko who took to his Instagram to reveal the new house. He said:

“I now introduce to you, the Shluv house. This is the biggest accomplishment of my life thats happened so far. words cannot express how happy and how thankful i am because of social media, my family, my friends, and all my of fans.”

On his YouTube channel, JustMaiko did a house tour of the Los Angeles mansion that has a huge open plan layout, 7 bathrooms and both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool.

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Who lives in the Shluv house?

The house was founded my Michael Le, known as ‘Just Miako’ online.

In Michael’s YouTube videos he lists the Instagrams of the official members of the Shluv house which include Javier Romero, Matthew Gonzalez, Michael UY and Jonathan Le.

Others who have appeared in the Shluv House on social media are Spencer X, Derek Graham who is known as ‘asapgoku’ online, Jon Klaasen and Elyssa Joy.

All members are TikTok and social media stars.

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There is a Shluv House TikTok account

The Shluv House also has its own TikTok account.

Members film content together and post it onto the official account @ShluvHouseLA.

The account already has over 300 thousand followers and 1.9 million likes.


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