TikTok has another new update, and users aren’t happy with one of its biggest changes.

Some of the world’s favourite apps are constantly updating to try and give users the best experience. Sometimes the updates are amazing, bringing exciting new features that we never knew we needed.

But on some occasions, the updates don’t go down too well with users. And that’s exactly what has happened with TikTok’s latest update.

Users have been taking to Twitter to rant about the new feature which they claim makes the app far more difficult to use.

So, why are TikTok captions now black?

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Why are TikTok captions black?

When you scroll down your For You page on TikTok, all the text is usually written in a white font.

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That includes the username, caption, hashtags and the sound used. The white colour makes it really easy to see, and it stands out against all the videos.

But some users are claiming that the captions have changed, now appearing in a black font instead. The username and sound remain white, and it is just the caption that is black.

The reason for this is actually because your TikTok app has a light mode and a dark mode. In light mode, the captions will now appear in black. Find out how to change this below.

Users aren’t happy with the black captions

The new update definitely hasn’t been taken well by TikTok users.

Black text makes the captions really difficult to read, as it doesn’t stand out against most of the background videos, and loads of people are finding it really annoying.

Many people took to Twitter to reveal their disgust at the new feature.

One Twitter user said: “Who made the captions on tiktok black because I can’t read half of them now.”

Another said: “Yo whoever added the black caption on tiktok needs to get fired asap.”

How to get white captions back

Luckily, there is a way to get rid of the black captions, all you need to do is turn your TikTok app to dark mode.

  • Open the TikTok app and click on ‘Me’ in the bottom bar.
  • Press the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to ‘general’ and you will see a setting called ‘dark mode’.
  • Click on this and change your chosen setting from light mode to dark mode.
  • Now your captions should be white again.

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