The Salisbury Poisonings has audiences captivated over on BBC One, but is there an episode 4? How many episodes of the series are there?

We’re about halfway through the year and many will joke that the only good thing to come from it so far is some quality television.

Admittedly, this lockdown would’ve been far bleaker without a wide range of exciting new titles and anticipated new seasons.

The BBC has offered both and more recently it’s been The Salisbury Poisonings which has kept eyes glued to screens.

It serves as a fact-based drama, presenting a thoroughly entertaining dive into the Novichok poisonings in the English Wiltshire city. The escalating news was inescapable back in 2018, but this series finds a unique angle, exploring the aftermath and so forth.

How long is it on for?

still from “The Salisbury Poisonings”, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) et al.

The Salisbury Poisonings: Episode 4?

  • There is no The Salisbury Poisonings episode 4.

The mini-series is made up of three episodes in total, with the third and final instalment airing on BBC One on Tuesday, June 16th 2020 at 9 pm.

It’s unmissable television, with co-creator Declan Lawn perfectly capturing what makes it so compelling in an interview with Digital Spy:

“We were just more drawn to the stories of the people who had to clean up this mess rather than the people who made it. All of the action takes place in the shadow of a spy drama, spooks and secret agents, but it’s not about that, it’s about ordinary people who have to pick up the pieces…”

You can also watch it over on BBC iPlayer.

The Salisbury Poisonings: Trailer – BBC

The Salisbury Poisonings: Trailer – BBC

Audiences weigh in on Twitter

Since tuning in, a number of fans have taken the time to voice their opinions of The Salisbury Poisonings on Twitter.

On the whole, it’s been quite the success.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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