There’s a lot of great games on the Nintendo Switch such as Breath of the Wild and hopefully the upcoming Paper Mario Origami King, but then there are also great exercise games such as Ring Fit. Now there’s another good calorie and body fat burner in the free Jump Rope Challenge. However, know that you will need to download and play this new game sooner rather than later as it’s a limited-time release only which will eventually leave the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo and exercise games are a great combination as Wii Fit was one of the best titles on the Nintendo Wii, and Ring Fit is a brilliant Switch exclusive for those who want to feel a burn and sweaty bum by doing dozens of squats and movements on the spot.

If you’re depressed about gyms still not being open despite greasy fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds having queues the length of a motorway, below you’ll discover how to burn some calories by playing Jump Rope Challenge.


How to play Jump Rope Challenge

Jump Rope Challenge is a free Nintendo Switch game you can play with a pair of joy-con controllers.

All you need to do to play Jump Rope Challenge is hold a joy-con controller in each hand and repeatedly hop without needing to fret about a skipping rope tripping you over.

You can also play with a mate by having them hold one joy-con controller while you hold onto the other.

It’s also possible to play the game quietly by simply bending your knees and moving your arms, but that ultimately defeats the game’s main purpose of getting you to actually move about.

The game is completely free to download from the Nintendo eShop and its onscreen personal trainers are some cute bunnies.

However, while it’s free, know that the game won’t be around forever as it’ll be removed from the Nintendo eShop at the end of September 2020.

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