Roblox has just had a major update which includes changes to Skyblock, but players are struggling to get one of the brand-new propellers.

One of the reasons why Roblox is amazing is the variety of games and game modes that you can play within it. The latest game to take off is Skyblock – Minecraft players will already be familiar with this one.

Recently, there has been a massive update to the game which introduces new items, including the Industrial Washing Station which cleans the oily crops so you can sell them for the original price.

However, players are struggling to get one of the new items, a propeller, which is a crucial part of the Industrial Washing Station. Here is a simple and easy guide for you to get one!

Skyblock: What you need to craft

Before you do anything, you need to craft a fishing rod. These can be easily made with just 10 wood from the vending machine.

You should also craft some fish bait as this increases the chances of catching rare items – how much you craft beforehand is up to you, but the more the better.

Screenshot from Tangorine YouTube

Skyblock: Where you need to go

After you have you fishing rod and fish bait, you should go to the main hub through the purple portal.

Once at the main hub, go to the lake – you should see a few fish swimming around near the surface already.

Screenshot from Tangorine YouTube

Skyblock: How you can get a propeller

You can get a propeller by just catching fish in this central lake. I would recommend actually getting into the lake and fishing as you are swimming around – it makes it easier to cast your rod this way.

The issue is that it can take quite a long time before you actually get a propeller. Some gamers have said that they got one within a few minutes, whereas others have reported that it took nearly 30 minutes to get one.

However, once you do have a propeller then all the effort will be worth it. Just go back to your home and craft the industrial washing station.

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