After numerous delays, the Doomsday event for Fortnite finally took place yesterday evening and it was a breathtaking spectacle to behold. However, while lots of people enjoyed yesterday’s Doomsday, plenty of others were and still are disappointed about the Windshear Cloak having been disabled.

While yesterday’s Doomsday event was a magnificent spectacle, there were numerous fans upset and angry with Epic Games due to not being able to witness the carnage live and in-game. This is because the live event servers hit capacity at 30-minutes early meaning dozens of gamers weren’t able to join.

It’s understandable why some fans were upset yesterday evening, but Doomsday has come and gone meanwhile the Windshear Cloak is still disabled.

Fortnite – Party Royale Premiere Trailer | PS4

Fortnite – Party Royale Premiere Trailer | PS4

What is the Windshear Cloak in Fortnite?

The Windshear Cloak in Fortnite is a part of The Cyclo Outfit bundle.

Epic Games’ Cyclo Outfit Bundle costs 2,000 V-Bucks which is why a lot of fans are annoyed about its Legendary Back Bling having been disabled.

Its removal is only temporary so Epic Games will add it back at a later date. As for why it has been disabled, it’s because of a visual glitch.

Why is the Windshear Cloak disabled in Fortnite?

The Windshear Cloak is disabled in Fortnite because of a visual glitch.

To be blunt, the Windshear Cloak has been disabled in Fortnite due to a glitch that caused it to massively stretch out.

You can see the visual issue in the tweet above.

As for when it’ll be added back, Epic Games will provide an update on their Status Twitter account as well as Trello when the Back Bling is re-enabled.

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