The Fortnite Doomsday Device event took place yesterday and it was a breathtaking sight to behold. Granted, lots of players were massively angry with Epic Games due to not being able to see the carnage live and in-game, but what happened didn’t disappoint. With the aftermath for the previously anticipated Doomsday now known, lots of fans are wondering whether Midas is still at the Agency.

Despite being delayed a number of times, yesterday’s Device event for Fortnite was witnessed by 20-million people. Although we pretty much knew what was going to happen thanks to leaks and teasers, the Agency was basically destroyed right through the middle and now the Season 2 map is surrounded by a foreboding wall of water.

But, with him being responsible for the chaos that unfolded as well as the onslaught that will happen in Season 3, some fans are wondering whether Midas is still at the remains of the Agency.

Is Midas still at the Agency after the event?

Yes, Midas is still at the Agency after the Doomsday event in Fortnite.

The Agency is now battered remains with a hole right through the middle of it following yesterday’s Device event, but Midas still remains in Fortnite for you to find him.

As noted by the game’s community, the battered building is now Shadow rather than Ghost. And the same applies for Midas as he now dons all black as opposed to his traditional attire.

This has resulted in plenty of queries online as to what happened to him and why he is now Shadow.

He does spawn in different areas around the top of the Agency, but you can check out YouTuber JayShockBlast’s video to see him found in-game.

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