There has been much discussion, but is Walmart playing Black Lives Matter message in stores? Let’s take a moment to explore the situation.

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, there has been an emphasis on supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The news was heartbreaking and since then we’ve witnessed the surfacing of a wealth of petitions, an increase in donations and protests.

A wide range of companies have issued statements, addressing their intentions to help target racial inequality. In America, it’s no surprise to see that Walmart has been at the forefront of such discussions.

Recently, there has been talk of Black Lives Matter messages playing over the intercom at stores.

Let’s look into it…

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Is Walmart playing Black Lives Matter message in stores?

A number of Walmart shoppers have flocked to Twitter to report that they’ve been in stores while an intercom message has expressed the retailer’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

A number of accounts have achieved a high level of visibility online, with one particularly lengthy story being shared and disputed [see below tweet] more than the rest.

In this particular example, a woman tells of her experiences at one of the branches: “While in the store a message repeatedly played over the loudspeaker. This message stated that Walmart understands white privilege exists and supports Black Lives Matter. It went on to say how they support the black community and acknowledged the injustices committed by the law enforcement agencies.”

She claims to have been shopping with her husband – a police officer – and their son at the time, expressing that they were treated differently by staff.

Be sure to give the account in the below tweet a read. Inevitably, it has been disputed and argued since it surfaced.

Shoppers tweet about Walmart Black Lives Matter message

While there is no way to determine the authenticity of this shopper’s experiences, there have been many people reportedly hearing similar messages over the stores’ intercoms.

One recently tweeted: “So I’m leaving Walmart on N.Monroe and all I hear over the loudspeaker is ‘black lives matter, we hear your voice’.”

Another also wrote: “15 minutes into shopping, over their radio a voice says ‘black lives matter here at Walmart, we know you’re hurting, please know you’re not alone’…”

There are plenty more people tweeting about the same thing: “I just got home from Walmart and they were talking about Black Lives Matter over the intercom.”

It’s likely that more and more people are going to tweet and write social media posts about their experiences each day.

Walmart address their aims

On June 12th 2020, Walmart published a statement online under the title: “Advancing Our Work on Racial Equity.”

Within it, they outline their aims and the methods they’ll undertake to ensure they’re doing more to target racial inequality.

Within the statement reads:

“Where we see opportunities to act quickly, we will. But, simultaneously, we’ll listen and learn… My advice for each of us is to actively listen to each other, forgive well-intentioned questions or comments as we have what can be uncomfortable conversations, create a safe space for learning and be purposeful about what you read and listen to. Seek to learn…”

You can read the full statement here, which includes their five workstreams and initial objectives.

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