People on social media have cancelled B Simone following a plagiarism scandal.

B Simone is a well-known face from the comedy sketch series Wild ‘N Out on MTV.

The actress and comedian has reached several milestones in her acting career, especially after landing a comedy tour and TV series under the name You’re my boooyfriend.

B Simone recently made headlines after social media users accused her of plagiarism.

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B Simone’s plagiarism scandal

Bloggers on social media have accused B Simone that she plagiarised some pages of her book Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want.

In the book, the actress opens up about the successes and challenges that have shaped her life and career so far. She also provides guides on self-care and setting personal and professional goals.

However, social media user @BGbloggers tweeted that B Simone has copied other bloggers’ content and used it in parts of the book.

According to the allegations, the comedian has copied the work of three bloggers – The Morning Buzz, The Happiness Planner and The VisionPreneur.

Meek Mill tweets in support

Following the allegations, Meek Mill has tweeted in support of B Simone.

The rapper has called other social media users not to cancel her “because she finessed a book”.

He wrote: “B Simone canceled because she finessed a book and made her way from the bottom lol what major companies y’all cancel for ripping our culture off? finding ways to display hate towards our own when they start doing good is showing amongst us a lot!”

The actress hasn’t responded to the allegations at the time of writing.

Fans share supportive messages

Many social media users have called for others to not ‘cancel’ B Simone and spread so much hate before she makes a statement about the situation.

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