The series has arrived on BBC One but where was The Salisbury Poisonings filmed? Let’s explore the filming locations and beyond.

We’ve already witnessed some phenomenal TV this year. However, we’re always ready to welcome more.

One of the most promising of the month is The Salisbury Poisonings which begins on BBC One on Sunday, June 14th 2020 at 9 pm.

Told across three parts, this fact-based drama uniquely explores the Novichok poisonings in the English Wiltshire city which captivated the world back in 2018.

While audiences may be expecting a conventionally plotted spy thriller, the series is actually anything but. Instead, writers have found a different but respectful angle, which we’ll get into.

First, let’s talk about filming locations…

still from “The Salisbury Poisonings”, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) et al.

Where was The Salisbury Poisonings filmed?

As highlighted by the Express, some filming took place in the show’s Salisbury setting.

However, due to the sensitivity of the narrative, some of the production was filmed elsewhere.

Director Saul Dibb elaborates:

“We took a lot of time discussing where we would and wouldn’t shoot things. The first point is things needed to feel very real, very authentic, very truthful but we knew there were huge sensitivities around shooting things in Salisbury. For the people of Salisbury, it’s a very recent trauma for them. So, we did shoot some things in Salisbury but we drew a line.”

He continued: “There was nothing that was going to be a recreation of things like hazmat suits or the army or those kinds of things on the streets of Salisbury. So, we set a lot of the early, pre-poisoning stuff in Salisbury and then we meticulously looked for matches of things like the Skripals’ house.”

Addressing other filming locations, he revealed that they mainly shot in Bristol and the West Country.

The Salisbury Poisonings filming locations

The earlier source [Express] notes that the crew filmed in Bristol’s The Bottle Yard Studios back in 2019.

Additionally, filming locations included Malmesbury and Weston-Super-Mare, with Clevedon providing a stand-in for certain Salisbury locations.

Other places you may be able to spot are Bristol’s Castle Park and King Street, which provided an exterior for the Amesbury home of Dawn and her partner.

Co-creator talks The Salisbury Poisonings

Shedding more light on the drama’s priorities and concerns, co-creator Declan Lawn spoke with Digital Spy:

“We were just more drawn to the stories of the people who had to clean up this mess rather than the people who made it. All of the action takes place in the shadow of a spy drama, spooks and secret agents, but it’s not about that, it’s about ordinary people who have to pick up the pieces, the people who have to clean up Salisbury and also the people who are directly affected by the attack.”

It’s certainly an interesting approach.

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