The Black Lives Matter movement is continuing to sweep around the world after the death of George Floyd.

Lately, many brands, people and even TV shows have been called out for their mishandling of certain topics.

Little Britain was taken down from Netflix for featuring blackface, a commercial from Volkswagen was removed due to racism and everyone is boycotting Dolls Kill for the way it has handled BLM.

A certain tanning lotion went viral on TikTok after people became impressed by its incredible results.

But now, the product is the latest to be called out for its ‘racist’ title – and people on Twitter aren’t happy.

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What is the Paint It Black 50x tanning lotion?

Paint it Black is a product made by Millennium tanning.

It’s a tanning lotion and accelerator that aims to ensure you get a quicker and darker tan whilst you are sunbathing.

The Paint It Black range consists of 12 different products, view them here.

The lotion went viral on TikTok

A TikTok account called @megankovach shared a video on June 8th in which she showed herself using the Paint It Black lotion on her legs.

She then shows her results, concluding that the product works really well.

The TikTok gained over 5 million views and 500 thousand likes.

Many other people have also posted TikTok videos using this tanning lotion.

The Paint It Black tanning lotion is causing huge controversy online

After the TikTok was posted, people began sharing it around Twitter.

Many people started to call out the product or its ‘racist’ name, claiming that the term ‘paint it black’ is not appropriate.

One Twitter user said: “Who the f*ck thought it was a good idea to name their tanning product paint it black?? Ridiculous.”

Another said: “Something about a tanning cream called “Paint it Black” don’t sit right with me.”

This comes amid the Black Lives Matter movement, where people around the world are fighting for the rights of black people after the death of George Floyd.

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