Just a few weeks ago, Nordan Shat left the FaZe house and revealed all on Twitter.

And now, it seems like he is struggling more than ever after he tweeted a series of cryptic posts about his life.

Fans are getting really worried about Nordan, encouraging him not to be scared to go and ask for help with whatever he is going through.

But what has actually happened to Nordan Shat?

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Who is Nordan Shat?

Nordan Shat is a YouTuber and former member of the FaZe clan, previously known as FaZe Rain.

The FaZe clan are a YouTube e-sports collective with over 50 members and 8 million subscribers.

The 24-year-old from Canada is known online for producing vlogs and gaming videos, and has over 5 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel.

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Why did Nordan leave the FaZe house?

Just last week, Nordan took to his Twitter to reveal that he had left the FaZe house.

On May 28th, he began posting a series of cryptic tweets that revealed to the world he had left the FaZe house and wasn’t doing too good.

Some of the things he said included that he has “sad boy energy” and that he “needs to figure things out”.

Find out more about why Nordan left the FaZe house here.

What has happened to Nordan Shat? He takes to Twitter again

Nordan continued to post a lot of tweets about the way he was feeling.

Then, on June 7th the tweets got a lot more serious. He began by saying: “Hope today’s my last.”

He then continued to say that he “dreads waking up every day” and says “some of you get it, some of you don’t”.

He finishes with a much longer tweet, expressing the way that he’s “felt like this for years” and has “no way out.”

Whatever Nordan’s dealing with right now, we hope he’s okay!

Fans on Twitter are really worried about Nordan

Nordan has opened up about his struggles with his mental health before, and in 2018 he created a YouTube video titled: “The truth about me.”

But fans are now getting increasingly worried about Nordan after he left the FaZe house and now continues to post lots of worrying tweets.

Many people on Twitter are trying to reach out to Nordan and encourage him to get help.

One Twitter user said: “Hey man. Please understand getting help is not a shameful thing to do. I reached out and have been going to counseling for almost a year now and I’m on my road of recovery. Mental health is a bitch and none of us want to see you go. Please think about getting help.”

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