Into the Dark: Good Boy may have only just released, but fans are already pawing over the shows title canine, the most adorable serial killer you have ever seen.

Into the Dark: Good Boy is the latest addition to the Into the Dark anthology.

The 21stepisode in the series tells the story of Maggie, a woman who gets an incredibly cute emotional support dog called Reuben.

Unfortunately, it seems that little Rueben is hiding a little secret, he is actually a killer canine who will murder anyone who causes Maggie stress – sounds amazing, right?

Into the Dark: Good Boy may have only just released on Hulu, but fans can’t get enough of Reuben. Here is everything you need to know about our new favourite four-legged actor.

Who plays Reuben in Into the Dark: Good boy?

In the movie, Judy Greer’s character exclaims about Reuben: “How could you do this, you’re only 10 pounds?!”

However, in real life Chico comes in at roughly 15lbs – he’s clearly not worked off the extra calories from eating those stress-inducing people.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how old little Chico really is, but he has definitely got the killer energy of a puppy still.

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What breed is Rueben in Into the Dark: Good boy?

  • Reuben is a cross-breed between a Dachshund and a Terrier.

Although his official bio doesn’t specify what type of terrier, we reckon that it is most likely a Jack Russel Terrier mix.

Wordlwide Movie Animals Official website ‘Chico-Xmas’

Is Rueben someone’s pet?

  • No, it turns out that Chico is actually a ‘movie animal’ – and no, you can’t adopt him.

Chico works for the Worldwide Movie Animals company based in California. Since they first opened shop in 1989, the group have been collaborating with film studios and production companies across North America.

Amongst their screen credits are Heroes, American Horror Story, The Italian Job, Jackass 2, Baby Daddy and a whole host of TV commercials.

Interestingly, you can in fact obtain a bid for a working movie animal through their website. So, if there are any Indie film developers out there looking for a killer dog, you know where to go.

Into the Dark: Good Boy is available right now on Hulu.

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