Car brand Volkswagen are under fire today after posting a ‘racist’ ad, that they have now taken down and apologised for.

Amidst the Black Lives Matter protests, lots of brands, TV shows and people are being called out for being racist.

The death of George Floyd has brought about a global movement that sees people fighting for black people to not be discriminated against due to their skin colour.

The latest scandal has been due to an advert that was broadcast by Volkswagen on their Instagram page – and lots of people aren’t very happy about it.

Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images for Volkswagen

What is the advert?

The advert was posted to the Volkswagen Instagram account as a promotion for their new 8th generation Golf model.

It shows a large white skinned hand coming down into the screen and picking up a black man, flicking him away from the new Volkswagen Golf car next to him.

The hand then flicks him into a restaurant called the ‘Petit Colon’ which translates to Little Colonist.

Volkswagen apologised in a Twitter post

One of the board members from the car brand put out an apology onto their Twitter page.

The post was written in German, but says: “I sincerely apologise as an individual in my capacity as a board member at Volkswagen Sales and Marketing. Hatred, racism and discrimination have no place at Volkswagen! In this case I will personally ensure full transparency and consequences!”

Attached to the post was a full apology letter also written in German and the ad had since been removed.

They say the advert had no racist intentions

According to Insider, Hiltrud D. Werner, a member of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management who deals with integrity and legal affairs said that the advert was not intentionally racist.

He said that the company wants to “formally apologize for offending people as a result of a lack of intercultural sensitivity and professionalism” and concluded that “racist intentions did not play any role whatsoever”.

However it does seem strange that an advert of this nature would be produced by such a big brand.

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