Fans argue that The Simpsons predicted the beheading of a Christopher Columbus statue with their Jebediah Springfield head episode.

Of all the animated sitcoms, none boast such widespread following as The Simpsons.

For decades, fans have been laughing along with the wonderful array of Springfield residents, but sometimes, their reality mirrors our own.

Plenty of conspiracy theorists believe that The Simpsons has predicted the future numerous times, from the horsemeat scandal to Donald Trump’s presidency.

On the other hand, Comic Book notes that one of the writers – Bill Oakley – has his own thoughts: “There are very few cases where The Simpsons predicted something. It’s mainly just coincidence because the episodes are so old that history repeats itself. Most of these episodes are based on things that happened in the 60s, 70s or 80s that we knew about.”

Nevertheless, yet another conspiracy theory has surfaced…

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The Simpsons: Christopher Columbus statue beheaded

Has The Simpsons done it yet again?

As highlighted by the Metro, a statue of Christopher Columbus was recently beheaded in the US.

Black Lives Matter protests have been prevalent in the news since the tragic death of George Floyd shook the world. In wake of the protests, many have targeted statues which honour slave traders and figures who have been plagued by allegations of racism.

A number of monuments have either been taken down (by government or protestors) or defaced. Perhaps the most notable example came when a statue of Edward Colston was pulled down into the harbour in Bristol by protesters.

Now, the statue of historic explorer Christopher Columbus in Boston has been beheaded.

The Boston Mayor – Marty Walsh – has since announced that the 1979 statue will be transported into storage while its fate is assessed. However, many believe the image of the statue without a head has been foreshadowed by The Simpsons…

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The Simpsons: Jebediah Springfield head episode

Some have cited an episode of The Simpsons, arguing that it predicted the beheading of the Christopher Columbus statue.

The episode being referred to is season 1 episode 8, titled ‘The Telltale Head’; it aired back in 1990.

Although later episodes played with the mythology of who the historical figure really was, at this point in the show we simply know him as the founder of Springfield.

In the episode, Bart succumbs to peer pressure and decides to saw off the head of the Jebediah Springfield statue that’s located in the centre of town. Inevitably, the entire town is overwhelmed by shock and Bart’s guilt conscience soon eats away at him.

In the end he comes clean and is forgiven, returning the head to its rightful place.

Upon seeing the beheaded Christopher Columbus statue, a wealth of The Simpsons fans were quick to reminisce about the episode and argue that it predicted the act of vandalism.

Fans on Twitter react

The comparison has earned a range of posts over on Twitter as fans argue that the animated sitcom has offered yet another prediction.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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