After a rollercoaster 16-episode journey, The King: Eternal Monarch has finally concluded, but fans are already asking if and when the K-drama could return for a second season.

From the very first episode to the season finale, The King Eternal Monarch has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster for fans.

Blossoming love, family betrayal, murder, back-stabbing, doppelgangers from a parallel universe and everything in between – this show had it all!

Whilst the plot of season 1 was itself quite difficult to follow at times, the finale definitely delivered when it came to wrapping up all the different storylines.

The season may have only just concluded, but fans are already looking forward into the future and asking if and when the show could return for a second instalment.

The King Eternal Monarch season 2: Renewal status

At the time of writing, The King: Eternal Monarch has not been renewed for a second season.

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However, Netflix tends to wait a few weeks after releasing a series finale before they make their decision on renewal.

Considering how popular the show has become around the world, it would be a massive shame if the show never got renewed for a second season. Safe to say, if the series is watched by enough people and the general consensus is positive, the streaming platform will at least consider renewal.

Although the issue will be whether or not the shows creators think that season 2 is on the cards – we have to admit, the story did wrap itself up quite nicely. At the end of the day, it is the writers who make the decision on if a series continues and fans would rather see it end here then have a disappointing continuation.

The King Eternal Monarch season 2: Possible release date

As there is no confirmation that The King: Eternal Monarch will return for season 2, there is no information as to when we could expect it to premiere.

Season 1 had an eight-month production schedule (as well as a 30 billion Won, US$25 million budget), meaning that if the show is renewed for a second season, then fans may expect it to be released in mid-2021.

However, considering the global coronavirus pandemic delaying the production of many shows, it is highly likely that this would be pushed back a few months to late-2021.

The King Eternal Monarch season 2: Storyline

When it comes to storyline, there isn’t much of an obvious direction that season 2 could go in. The plot for season 1 did end rather nicely and it seemed to appease the vast majority of fans – something quite rare these days.

If we could predict a potential storyline for season 2, if Lee Lim hadn’t really died in Corea then he could be out for revenge against the king. However, it did look like a fateful wound Lee Gon inflicted and the 2021 Corea record books reported of his body being discovered, suggesting that is in fact dead.

Alternatively, could we see a spin-off relating to the 1950’s? Hear me out, we know that people were transported between worlds when an old lady from Corea asks “Did we win the war?” a.k.a The Korean War. Could it be that Lee Gon’s father or great grandfather also knew about the flutes power and used it during wartime to rescue people from a war-torn Korean?

Season 1 of The King: Eternal Monarch is available right now on Netflix.

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