South Park is due to leave the streaming service Hulu later in June but why is the ever-popular animated series being removed?

South Park has always been a show that has pushed right up to the borderline of what’s acceptable in a TV series.

It’s arguably what has made animated cartoon so popular for so long.

However, in recent days, as the Black Lives Matter protests enter their third week in the US, a host of shows and films are facing the axe over offensive portrayals of black characters.

Many of Hulu’s users may be aware that South Park is due to leave the streaming service in the next few weeks and with the news of so many series being pulled from the air, some fans will no doubt be wondering if this is the last they’ll see of South Park.

But why exactly is South Park leaving Hulu?

Why is South Park being removed from Hulu?

Despite fears that South Park is leaving Hulu over some of the offensive content in the series, the reason for its departure from Hulu is actually much less severe.

Hulu’s deal to stream South Park expires in June 2020 and the streaming service has simply been outbid by one of the growing numbers of competitors in the streaming service world.

So where is South Park going next?

Comedy Central

South Park is going to be on HBO Max instead

That’s right, from June 24th, all 23 seasons of South Park will be available to stream on the HBO Max streaming service.

On top of that, brand new episodes from the upcoming three seasons will also be added to HBO Max, 24 hours after their original airing on Comedy Central.

HBO Max, which is priced at $14.99 per month, launched on May 27th in the US and has been working to expand its library which also includes the much-loved sitcom Friends which had previously been on Netflix in the US.

Comedy Central

What about UK fans?

For UK fans of South Park, the best place to stream episodes of the show continues to be Netflix.

At the time of writing, season 1, some selected episodes from seasons 3-13 as well as seasons 19-22 are all available to watch with a standard Netflix subscription.

Meanwhile, episodes can also be purchased via the likes of Amazon Prime Video or Google Play.

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