If you’re a TikTok fanatic, then you’re probably very familiar with all its features.

You know how to make TikTok’s, navigate around the app and change the settings. Accessing all the different filters is easy for you and your ‘For You’ page always looks pretty much the same.

But sometimes, you open the app and TikTok have done an update that’s introduced a new feature, and you just don’t understand what is is.

TikTok’s newest feature sees a ‘connected to you’ message popping up, and users have been feeling rather confused.

Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images

Users have been seeing a ‘connected to you’ icon on their For You Page

Loads of TikTok users have been left really confused after a message started appearing saying ‘connected to you’.

The message appears in a white box above someone’s username as you are scrolling down your ‘For You’ Page.

But what does the phrase actually mean?

What does ‘connected to you’ mean?

Many people have been seeing the ‘connected to you’ message appear on the videos of people they know. It might be family, friends or people they knew back in high school.

This happens because you have linked your phone number to TikTok. The app then connects itself to your saved phone contacts and shows you the videos linked to the phone numbers that you have in your contacts.

Hopefully that explains why you’ve suddenly been seeing loads of people you know on TikTok!

Is TikTok’s algorithm broken?

Lots of people have been claiming that they’re seeing the ‘connected to you’ message pop up on random people that they definitely do not know in real life.

Nobody really knows why this is happening, but it is suspected that TikTok’s algorithm for making the connections must be broken.

Or maybe you just need to check exactly who is saved in your phone contacts!

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