Last week, Jojo Siwa took to her TikTok account and ended all dating speculation as she revealed that she is in fact taken.

And there’s one person we have to thank for encouraging Jojo to make the announcement.

TikTok user @ShaneLouMoses made a series asking Jojo Siwa to go to prom with him, and she reacted to the video on her own TikTok account!

Shane gained over 3 million views and 500 thousand likes on the TikTok and his bio reads: “CEO of getting rejected by Jojo Siwa. Who should I ask next?”

Unfortunately, his prom invitation did get rejected by Jojo herself as she revealed that she has a boyfriend. But now Shane wants to invite her and her unknown partner to a virtual prom, when he finds a date of course.

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Who is Shane Lou Moses?

Shane Lou Moses is a 16-year-old running start student from Seattle, Washington.

He started making TikTok’s when it was known as but stopped when the company switched to the name TikTok. 

Then, in May 2020 he began making videos again.

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Shane started asking Jojo Siwa to prom on TikTok

Shane began a TikTok series where he asked Jojo Siwa to prom.

He began by remaking a TikTok that Kylie Jenner did, and captioned the video: “If this goes viral and JoJo Siwa sees this…will you go to prom with me?”

The first TikTok got a good amount of likes and views, and Shane began to get a bit of an audience on TikTok, so it became his aim to actually get noticed by Jojo herself.


If this goes viral and JoJo Siwa sees this…will you go to prom with me? 🥺 #fyp #foryoupage #kyliejenner #jojosiwa #gonnabefriends #familytime 🕺🏽

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Jojo reacted to one of Shane’s videos!

The first few videos in the asking Jojo Siwa to prom series had gained quite a bit of attention on TikTok.

Then on June 2nd, Shane posted a video where he wrote on the screen “Jojo Siwa will you go to prom with me” and captioned it “posting until she sees.”

On her own TikTok account, Jojo then reacted to his video and rejected him.

Shane told HITC: “I asked her to prom as a joke but started posting to see if she’d actually notice and react. I definitely did think she would react because of how good the first few TikToks did.”

He got the call from a friend saying that she has seen it but rejected the proposal. He says: “No feelings were hurt and I was truly thankful and happy that she saw it!”

And she revealed she has a boyfriend!

In her reaction video, Jojo actually revealed to the world that she’s taken.

She captioned the video: “I would but I’m taken.”

Jojo has been under huge speculation recently over whether or not she has a boyfriend, and thanks to Shane’s video, we finally have the answer.


#react to @shaneloumoses i would but im taken…..

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