After the emotional rollercoaster that was Revolutionary Love, fans of the K-drama are left wondering if and when a second season could premiere.

From Itaewon Class and Extracurricular to Kingdom and Hospital Playlist, Netflix is producing some amazing Korean dramas in 2020.

Whilst the latest addition to the platform, Revolutionary Love, may not be a new or original series, it has certainly gained quite a following since its premiere on June 1st.

Season 1 was an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, with an ending that pretty much stratified the entire fanbase – something quite rare these days it would seem.

Now, fans of the K-drama are left wondering if the show will ever return to our screens and if so, when.

Revolutionary Love season 2: Renewal status

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation that the show will return for season 2.

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Unfortunately, as the show initially aired back in 2017 in Korea, it is highly likely that Revolutionary Love will never return to our screens.

However, we should never say never when it comes to these types of shows and the release of season 1 on Netflix has brought the title to a new audience.

If the show is able to pull in enough numbers, chances are that Netflix may consider turning Revolutionary Love into an original series and renewing it for season 2.

Revolutionary Love season 2: Release date

As there is no confirmation that the show will return for season 2, there is no information about a release date.

However, if Revolutionary Love does start up production again for a second instalment, then fans expect it to premiere sometime in 2022.

Revolutionary Love season 2: Storyline

If we are honest, it is unclear where the storyline could go for season 2 as the first instalment closed the main plot quite nicely.

If the series was to continue with the storyline of the main characters, we could follow Baek Joon and Hyuk as they begin their travels together in Norway. Hyuk says on the plane that he is taking his vacation time, but she reveals it is for about a year – so who knows how long the two will be gone.

Whilst we are more likely to see how the relationship develops when they return, none of us would complain if we got a ‘Hyuk-Baek-on-tour’ type storyline for a few episodes.

Alternatively, season 2 could focus on Je Hoon, who we left smiling at the departing plane. Could we spend time seeing how he leads his life now that his friends are gone? Again, not many of us would complain if that is where season 2 ended up going.

Season 1 of Revolutionary Love is available right now on Netflix.

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