Following the removal of Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, Netflix has now taken down The League of Gentleman over the show’s blackface character.

The Black Lives Matter movement sparked a lot of conversations, from equal representation in different industries to inappropriate jokes on reality shows and TV programmes.

And thanks to the global movement, people have taken to social media to demand the removal of movies and TV shows which they find to have offensive content.

One of the latest series to be taken down is the BBC comedy series The League of Gentlemen over its blackface character Papa Lazarou.

Who is Papa Lazarou?

Papa Lazarou is a character played by actor Reece Shearsmith. He appeared in four episodes of the comedy series and the 2005 spin-off horror/comedy movie The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse.

Shearsmith, who co-created the BBC comedy series, previously explained the idea behind the character.

Season 1 Trailer | WIZARDS

He told The Independent in February this year:

“It was not me doing a black man. It was always this clown-like make-up and we just came up with what we thought was the scariest idea to have in a sort of Child Catcher-like way.”

Has the BBC pulled out The League of Gentlemen?

No, the comedy show is still on BBC iPlayer.

The first three seasons are available to stream on the online platform, as well as a couple of anniversary specials.

The fourth season came out back in 2017 and has three episodes.

People react to Netflix’s move

It’s safe to say that the removal of the movie has sparked some controversy among social media users.

While some think this is the right move for the streaming service, others defended the series over Papa Lazarou’s portrayal.

Meanwhile, some viewers pointed out that Netflix’s contract for The League of Gentlemen was coming to an end this month, so the show was going to be pulled out anyway.

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