It’s finally got to the time where the strict lockdown measures are beginning to be eased.

Every week, new measures are being accounced to bring us back to some form of normality. Shops are opening on June 15th, we can now meet up with others in outside spaces and Zoo’s have just reopened all over the country.

Last night, Boris introduced the UK’s latest measure to further give people more freedom. The idea of support bubbles has been announced as their next step to ease lockdown – and the memes are hilarious!

What is a Support Bubble?

Boris Johnson announced plans in the UK last night to introduce support bubbles as part of its easing of lockdown.

This means that someone who lives on their own or is a single parent will be able to combine with another household and form a support bubble.

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This is aimed to combat loneliness and encourage more social interaction.

The Support Bubble has been turned into a Meme

After the announcement last night, the internet has of course done what it does best and turned the support bubble concept into a meme.

The term support bubble does sound a bit odd, leaving the internet to its own devices and coming up with its own take on what a support bubble should mean.

See some of the best support bubble memes below!

5 best Support Bubble Memes

This one’s hilarious. I imagine choosing the person who is going to be in your support bubble will be just as tense as the re-coupling in Love Island. “I’ve chosen to bubble up with this person because…”

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Seems like a lot of people are opening a bottle of bubbles to celebrate being able to form a support bubble. Two lots of bubbles!

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Mark yourself available for support bubbling from today. You might just get some people sliding into your DM’s asking to be in your support bubble.

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I think all everyone can think of when they say the word support bubble is those big inflatable zorb balls. I hope that’s what support bubbles are actually going to be like.

And finally, if support bubbles are going to be like this then count me in!

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