The PS5 reveal event was initially scheduled to take place on June 4th but was delayed to give the spotlight to protests instead. Lots of people understood and agreed with Sony’s decision while many others were understandably frustrated and annoyed. Although many were disappointed that the event didn’t commence as initially planned, the good news is that the PS5 reveal event will now happen on June 11th. Here you’ll discover what time it is slated to start and where to watch it live.

Compared to Microsoft who have already revealed the design of the Xbox Series X as well as showed off some new games, Sony have been releasing information about their next-gen console at a much slower pace. We know what the controller looks like and we also know about its specifications and hardware, but the fanbase wants to see the console as well as some new upcoming games.

While it’s unlikely that the curtain will finally be pulled aside to show off the console, Sony loyalists can expect to see new games during the PS5 reveal event on June 11th.

When is the PS5 reveal event?

The PS5 reveal event will happen on June 11th at the time of 21:00 BST.

As for elsewhere, the PS5 reveal event will happen on the same date at the time of 13:00 PT and 16:00 ET.

In regard to how long the showing will last, a PlayStation Blog post from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, says that its duration should be “a bit more than an hour”.

The same blog post emphasises that the showcase will focus on new games from small and large developers across the globe, so it’s unlikely that the console will be revealed.

While there’s no official information about what new games will be featured, there has been speculation and wishful thinking for the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and a new Silent Hill game.

Where to watch PS5 event

Below is where you’ll be able to watch the PS5 reveal event live:

Remember that the showcase starts at 21:00 BST and that it’s slated to last just longer than an hour.

This means that those of us in the United Kingdom will want to get extra comfy in bed or on the couch with some late night snacks and drinks.

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