If you’ve been searching through your Twitter feed recently then you may have seen the phrase #pizzagate trending.

You’re probably just as confused as everyone else is by this strange phrase that actually has nothing much to do with pizza at all.

The term actually refers to a completely false conspiracy theory relating to American politicians Hilary Clinton and John Podesta back in 2016.

The theory is now being resurfaced in light of the Madeleine McCann and Jeffrey Epstein cases, and everyone is talking about it on Twitter – here’s exactly what it means.

Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

What is Pizzagate?

The debunked conspiracy refers to a news story that began back in 2016 that involved Hilary Clinton and John Podesta.

These false claims linked the American politicians with a highly advanced paedophile ring that was said to be run from a pizza restaurant in Washington DC called Comet Ping Pong, hence the name Pizzagate.

How did the Pizzagate conspiracy begin?

It all began when the personal email account of John Podesta, who at the time was in close contact with Hilary Clinton, were leaked.

The compromised emails were then posted onto Wikileaks and available online to the general public.

People started looking at the emails and thought that some of them seemed a bit strange. Conspiracy theorists pointed out some potential code words that they thought linked the politicians to this sex-trafficking system.

However, there is no actual evidence that this is the case.

The conspiracy has been judged as false

The conspiracy has little factual evidence, and has mostly just been fuelled by social media.

Many of the claims were simply just public opinion, which has been escalated and widely shared online.

Fake news online is a big issue in our current society, with people believing things just because it has been written online.

It is your own choice whether you believe or debunk a conspiracy theory like this one, but you must remember that without real supporting evidence, it can never be deemed as the truth.

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